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How we began


We're a Texas & Colorado-based media company, owned for more than a decade by husband & wife team, Dustin and Donna Hodge. We do business media management, marketing, and TV and film production. We specialize in media for education and western lifestyle.



We believe in family. We work for the  communities we serve. We create opportunities for education, and we know that media marketing, creation, non-profit management, and organizational fundraising can be ethical, raise awareness, and improve life.

Our Work


We specialize in social media marketing, non-profit management, training, and publications, market research, and a variety of web-based analytics. We serve corporations, nonprofits, online industries, educational institutions, and hospitals/clinics. Read more here.

Get in touch


Call us, email us, or even catch us via Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram! We're live, online, and ready to talk to you about your non-profit training, media, or film needs. We pledge to work with you in order to create a plan that fits you -- today & tomorrow!

Our clients include...

Navigating global media and non-profit work... artfully


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